Play Slitherio Full Screen

In this addictive interactive game that’s quickly becoming popular where you constantly fight for the best score amongst hundreds of players around the world, you play as a snakethat slithers around eating shiny orbs to grow. Despite the cartoony look, involves strategy so this game can be enjoyed by everyone! You can double click to slither fast but use this wisely and strategically.
Your world is big! There is a map at the lower right and you are the big circle as the other players are the small ones. Snakes die when they mistakenly eat other snake’s body so be careful slithering around, but others should be careful with you too. You can use this to your advantage by preying and trapping other snakes, encircling smaller snakes inside your body if they get too close to you and be tactical. Or you can just stray away from the myriad of snakes in the map and just eat orbs and be a vagabond just to get back at fray once you get so big that you’re a slithering tower that everyone fears you.